• After having been diagnosed with PCOS I started a treatment with Tejal and pursued it for one year. The tretment has demanded motivation and devotion and has finally given me some amazing results. Today I no longer meet the criteria for the diagnosis and in addition I feel that my overall health has improved. Tejal is very attentive and supportive which helped a lot during the treatment which at times was quite demanding and required some lifestyle changes. I am very happy with my decision to do this treatment with Tejal and highly recommend her services to anyone interested in Ayurvedic treatments!   – E
  • My name is Victoria and I got in touch with Dr. Tejal for a bit more than 1 year ago. I did not know too much about Ayurveda but I’ve heard about the basic subjects in this fantastic life science. Dr. Tejal has the holistic and complex view on the human body and psychology. When you meet her everything seems very easy, she can describe things and show the relation between our life style, food and training habits and our health status. So there’s NO hocus pocus. Everything is very easy and logical in our body, Ayurveda just posses a strong knowledge and experience of those processes. So that’s why I appreciate Dr Tejal’s strong support in discovering my focus areas. I experienced a strong pain in my lower back on periods, destroyed menstrual cycle, pain and swallowed area under my knee, as well as periods of some anxiety and bad digestion. I’ve taken a general consultation of Dr. Tejal at a first and we continued with some Ayurvedical oil massages and herbal medication afterwards. This helped me a lot to stabilize my mind status, and relieved some of my strong pain. I’ve got very concrete recommendations concerning my lifestyle and self–treatments like sesame oil massage, yoga postures etc. I continued with on my own. All this together helped me to maintain the achieved affect. Later on we had a follow up and even a new series of treatments with warm steam, rice and milk cooked herbs and even special pain-relieving oils to treat the inflamed nerves and lower back problem, I had since long time back. These treatments were not only relaxing for body and mind but even pain relieving and helping me to feel my body (in this case my legs which were suffering most) in a much better condition, like I turned back time, so now it’s up to me to maintain this status again thanks to Dr. Tejal’s good and concrete recommendations. I would warmly recommend Ayurveda science to everybody. It’s closest to nature, to our roots so to say. It has a very wise and tender approach to human nature, aiming not to harm and just support the natural recovery mechanism. And I would warmly recommend Dr. Tejal taking into consideration her solid education base and university Doctor degree in Ayurveda as well as experimental experience with patients. I experienced her strong skills not only in a field of consulting, health scanning and diagnostics but also in problem evaluating and treatment plan execution. She’s the strong focus on finding a solution for every patient and she’s very thorough in her approach. I hope I’ll have a long term relation with Auyrveda and Dr. Tejal! – Victoria
  • I can now live a better and healthier every day life.
    I had problems with frequently appearing virus and bacterial infections, like ton
    sillitis, several times a year. Also I had year round allergies. Other healthcare tend to only cure the symptoms for the moment, but with Dr. Tejal’s treatment I got help to understand the causes of my problems. Thanks to this better understanding of my body, and some herbal medicine when necessary, I can now live a better and healthier every day life.
    – Elin Jacobsson
  • “Tejal’s consultation has made me eat better and I feel less stressed and feel better in general.” Elin