Ayurveda Workshops 

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Whether you are new to Ayurveda or wish to support your Ayurveda practice with continuous education, our workshops will give you confidence to support your own health. 

This interactive workshop will introduce Ayurvedic philosophy and practice to recognize and alleviate stress and its effects on the mind/body. Ayurveda uses diet, lifestyle rhythms, and natural herbs and oils to promote a state of well-being.  The system follows nature’s rhythms- seasonal changes, sunrise to sunset, phases of life, etc. to maintain optimal health.  Through eating and living in accordance with natural rhythms, human beings find happiness.  Learn about foods, routines, and mindfulness techniques for managing stress in the mind/body and coping with life’s changes. Contact for booking.

1. Basic Introduction to Ayurveda

Duration: 1 hour or 2 hours

2. Introduction to Panchakarma

Duration: 1 hour


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